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Year 6

Overview- Spring Term

English- Year 6 will be developing their skills for understanding and building characters during their classical literature unit. Through tackling complex texts, children will be given the opportunity to use quality vocabulary and a range of sentence types to enhance their work. They will carry this learning through to a narrative unit, where they will be challenged to develop a unique plot line that captures and sustains the reader’s interest.

Maths- Year 6 will be covering the whole breadth of the National Curriculum, working to combine their arithmetic and reasoning skills as their learning progresses. We will be focusing on building pace with our arithmetic skills and strategies and our challenge will be to apply our arithmetic skills to more complex, open-ended problems and puzzles. This will require resilience and logical thinking.

Science- Year 6 will be looking to the past as we discover the journey of the human race through evolution. We will be investigating Charles Darwin’s famous theory of evolution, understanding natural selection and the origin of different species. We will then develop this learning by looking at our more recent history, investigating inheritance and characteristic development in families.

Theme- Over the Spring Term, Year 6 will be comparing and contrasting monarchs through time. We will be learning about specific monarchs and key aspects of their reign (from Henry VIII up to Elizabeth II), before finding links between them. Additionally, our art skills will be developed through learning about portrait styles, particularly how different kings and queens have been represented throughout the ages.


As this is a very crucial time, with the children and staff preparing for the SAT's, all pupils receive homework weekly to support revision for these tests. Please see the Year 6 teachers if you have any questions. 

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