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Templars’ Anti-Bullying Approach  


All complaints and reports of bullying will always be investigated.

All pupils are expected and encouraged to report instances of any behaviour which contravenes the Templars’ No-Outsiders Statement.


We take a no blame approach.


The aim of our approach is to bring about a lasting solution to a social problem, not to punish bad behaviour.


Any solution or agreement between parties must comply with our No-Outsiders Statement.


Admissions of wrong actions and mistakes, together with apologies and firm assurances about future conduct and appropriate ‘restitution’ measures (if appropriate) are required.


Any such assurances apply anywhere and everywhere, in and out of school.



Any breach of an assurance is serious and may result in a formal discussion about whether Templars is the school for you.


Senior Leadership Team 2020



Please see our related Behaviour policy, Anti-Bullying policy, No-Outsiders statement, and related documents in the Parent’s tab.

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