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April 2021

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"Special thermal heating machines which convert used plastic masks and gowns into reusable plastic blocks have been bought by five hospitals in the UK."  A great step forward in helping save our planet from plastic waste!




Find out what is happening with volcanoes in the world right now.  Year 4 - this may remind you of your Autumn term learning!




Geography is everywhere - even in Minecraft!  Developers are releasing an update for the game in Summer.  The update includes new animals and blocks, including crystals, geodes and copper.  You may have learned about some of these in your Geography lessons!




Sony World Photography Awards 2021.  There are some amazing photographs here and many link nicely to your Geography learning.  They beautifully show the diversity on our planet!  




Huge landslide on Dorset coast.  This article demonstrates the power of the ocean and the impact it can have on our environment.  Year 6 - the information about The Jurassic Coast will prepare you nicely for your Summer Geography topic!




"British toymaker, Matchbox, says it's trying to help the environment with the new cars it's launching."  A really interesting article which shows that recycling is on the minds of many people!




The Woodland Trust charity tells us that we need to save UK woodlands.

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