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Health and Nutrition

At Templars we recognise the importance of teaching the Health and Nutrition curriculum to our children as in so doing we are aiding the children’s ability, motivation and confidence to make their own healthy food choices. The subject also provides meaningful life skills such as learning essential skills in the kitchen to prepare healthy meals and snacks. It is known that improvements in nutrition leads to healthier children who are likely to have fewer absences from school due to illness. There are also studies that show that malnutrition can leads to behaviour problems, and that sugar is believed to have a negative impact on child behaviour.

The teaching of Health and Nutrition can also support both academic achievement in other subjects (English, Maths, Science) and the long-term development and success of our children.

Food can provide a social connection and so through food the school can connect with the wider community sharing the diverse cultures from which our children belong.

We believe that it is important for our children to understand where their food comes from and to learn about the different food groups and the benefits they each provide to help keep us healthy.

The children will be learning about seasonality, sustainability, ethical resourcing and thus reducing the individual’s carbon footprint by buying locally and supporting the independent shops in the community.

We will be providing the children with the building blocks to make informed choices to allow them to build healthy and strong bodies and in so doing helping to counteract the current obesity epidemic.


Mrs Irgens (Health and Nutrition Lead)

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