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Welcome to Reception


Welcome to Reception!


In Reception we have 3 classes which are RS (Miss Sherring and Miss Masters), RK (Mrs King and Mrs Parkin) and RDT (Mrs Davies, Mrs Tyrrell, Mrs Swords and Mrs Hartley). If you have any concerns please feel free to speak to any member of staff.


This term we will be learning about a variety of topics including All about me, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Dinosaurs, People who help us, Seasons and Christmas.


At Templars we teach phonics and Maths daily. In our phonics this half term we will be learning Set 1 sounds as well as focusing on improving the children's listening skills. During our Read Write Inc sessions we practice reading and writing each phoneme and will begin to write simple words containing them. In Maths we will be teaching the numbers to 20 using Numberblocks as well as learning about 2D shapes and their properties. We will also focus on height, weight and length in a variety of different ways.


Supporting your child with phonics

You can support your child at home by practicing the daily sounds sheets with them, talking about how to form the letter and what sound it makes. As you walk to school encourage your child to listen for different sounds in the environment and guess what they might be to improve their listening skills. 


Supporting your child with maths

Share the Numberblocks videos with your child. Encourage them to recognise and write the numbers and count out objects to match the number. Encourage your children to count everyday objects on the way to school such as trees, cars and buses.


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