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Remote Education Provision: information for parents and carers



               Home Learning  at Templars                                                        

How Can I Access online remote education?

There are two ways to access home learning:

Seesaw App

Download the Seesaw App. You have been sent a login but please contact your class teacher if you need a reminder. Work will be set daily on here; children can send it back via the app and they will receive feedback from their teachers daily.

The App is free for parents and parents can contact your child’s teacher through here too.  

Google Classroom

Older children have access to Google Classroom. Download the app or access via Your child will have been given their log in by their teacher. Work will be set daily on here; children can ‘turn it in’ and receive feedback from their teachers.


Both Seesaw and Google Classrooms can be accessed using any device with a web browser including a Kindle, Xbox and Playstation. Much of the work set can also be found or linked via the pupil pages on the school website. 


What work does my child have to do?

We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However we have may need to make some adaptations to subjects such as PE, French and Science due to the limitations of home learning. 

Maths: A video clip on Seesaw or Google Classroom will show you and your child what they need to do each day. Worksheets will also be added which can be printed off or the work can be done on own paper, photographed and sent back via the app.  Use our  website 'parent tab - how to help your child' to find further advice and explanation/examples  of our methods. Daily practice on Times Tables Rock Stars – the more the merrier! You will have received a login from your class teacher. The App will be free to use and your teacher will track effort and progress.

English: On Seesaw or Google Classroom, your child will be set an activity to complete each day. These might be reading or writing activities. Your child will be expected to complete these daily as the lessons will build on each other. The lessons will be introduced with a video, verbal or written explanation from your class teacher. They may signpost you to where you can find further input/support  for the activity. 

Theme: On Seesaw or Google Classroom, your child will be set an activity to complete each day. These will relate to the learning we would otherwise be completing in our afternoon lessons including History, Geography, Science, Music, Art, French, PE, Computing and RE. The lessons will be introduced with a video, verbal or written explanation from your class teacher. They may signpost you to where you can find further input/support  for the activity, in particular the huge range of activities and links to be found in the pupil pages of the school website. 


What support is there if pupils are struggling to access remote education?

We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home. Pupils can access any printed materials needed if they do not have online access - available on request for collection on a Monday between 10am and 2pm. We do have some limited resources to loan and support with online access - please raise concerns with your child's class teacher. 

 How will my child be taught remotely?

Teachers are mindful of providing a range of activity both online and off in order to limit screen time. Some examples of teaching approaches will include: live teaching (online lessons) via Zoom, Loom, Google Classroom or Teams; recorded teaching including Oak Academy lessons, video/audio recordings made by teachers; workbooks and worksheets provided by teachers; textbooks and reading books pupils have been given; websites for video clips or sequences; challenges set by all staff and referred to on our website. Pupils are also encouraged to practise key skills: 

Handwriting sheets from

Spellings: Practise spellings the teacher sets every week for home learning.    Revisit past spellings too.

Read Theory: You will have received a login from your class teacher. The app will be free and the class teacher will track your effort and progress.

How we will assess your child's work and progress

We have committed to providing acknowledgement/feedback for all work uploaded. This may be a verbal comment, written or verbal note or explanation of support, a sticker or extension task.

Expectations for pupil engagement and parental/carer support at home

Education is not optional : If a pupil is at home and not feeling unwell, it is vital that their education continues. Teachers and teaching assistants will be in touch twice weekly, not to check up on you but rather to support parents and carers to encourage your child to engage. But - keep it in perspective.  We are all just doing our best, so try not to get stressed.  You and your child’s safety and wellbeing is everyone’s first concern. Children only learn if they are relaxed and happy. Work does not have to be done in one go, dip in and out - use some of the alternative ideas on our website rather than have a battle. Make time for yourself too– you are doing a fantastic job – and make plenty of time to have fun together!

Pupils with SEND have been identified and their remote learning will be adapted to meet their needs. The SEND team will be monitoring the provision and providing support and guidance for parents, carers and pupils. 

How Can I Help My Child?

Use this link to read our guide on how to create a learning environment for your child:

Make it clear to your child that both you and their teacher expect the work to be attempted

Be a team – learning together is a real motivator for both the child and you!

Show interest in the work and reward effort rather than results – avoid upset and arguments at all costs

Be patient! We all learn from our mistakes. Encourage your child to see if they can spot where they have gone wrong before you jump in to correct them

Sharing concerns

All uploaded work will be marked and reviewed daily. Phone calls will also be made twice weekly to reward or discuss any concerns a teacher may have with the quantity or quality of work completed. We strongly recommend parents and carers email using the year group email,  contact via Seesaw or ring the school office if struggling to access or engage their child. Click on the link in this tab for further detail of how we tackle poor engagement with home-learning. Mrs Benarous and the Senior Leadership Team will be overseeing the provision on home learning. 


Communicating with school  

We want to stay in touch. We want to help.


Everyday your child’s teachers will set work and respond to the work that your child sends back via the Seesaw App or Google Classroom. You can speak to the class teacher via these platforms too.

The school website is our main information platform – the weekly newsletter, letters and all school information can be found at Home | Templars Primary School


Your child’s year group also has a contact email address which you can use for any queries. See the school website for this address.


How else can school help?

Keep in touch – If you should need any help, please feel free to contact the main office on 024 7646 6337 and someone will be able to help. Please also explore our website – you will find lots of well-being advice and links to helpful services for families in our new Community tab. 

If you need support, do not hesitate to be in touch. Click here for a link of helpful contacts at school: (

Home Learning Engagement Cascade

Parent Survey - Feb 2021 - 160 responses. Thank you! We are working on your suggestions - watch out for our newsletter in the new half term.

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