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Parenting - Are you in your window of Tolerance? If not, tips to calm


Hi Parents and Guardians,


I hope you are all well and conquering home schooling but without putting too much pressure on yourselves.

As long as your child completes one or two pieces of work a day this is fine, we learn through so many activities. Switch it up and get them to make a little science experiment, learn a magic trick or read an article from Edinburgh Zoo, National Space Centre. If children are too little, read it to them!


I appreciate anxiety may be high and believe this is prevalent in all households to some extent. Children pick up on our mood and need lots of reassurance in words and physical contact to remain calm (factual conversations or in picture format, encourage questions and to express their feelings whilst giving or receive hugs and kisses).

Sometimes parenting is like acting in times of stress, however it is paramount to remain and act calm. The children are looking up to us now more than ever, to know what to do and when.


'Be like a duck, calm on the surface but always paddling underneath'


Lastly be kind to yourself, there is no text book written for Coronavirus .

Relish in a nice bath or a hot shower, watch your favourite television program, talk to a friend or family member on the phone or facetime. You too need to stay connected, stay safe!



Lots of valuable information today please continue to read.

Are you entitled to a family fund, does your child have complex needs or disabilities?

Check below to see if you are entitled.


                                                 ************Free online autism course**********


For parents and carers, with children who have autism.

I always feel that parents and carers have their own expertise when their children have autism. As new research and strategies come to light, I as a professional never disregard an opportunity. There may be one new piece of information on this course that is beneficial to you your child and family give it a go!

As we come to the end of mental health week, I send my best wishes to you all and hope every parent and carer at Templar's Primary has at least one person they can talk to or tell if they are NOT OKAY.

Here are some tips for yourself and to keep friends or family with mental health feeling supported.

I liked page 9 in particular, acts of kindness makes us all feel good.


Coventry and Warwickshire GP practices and Accident  and Emergency Departments are still open

New information to guide you to the correct medical service including Do's and Don'ts, a must read. See bigger version on the school Twitter page.

Coventry Independent Advice Service has new times and ways of contacting see images. Helpful for advice on benefits, debt, housing and other kinds of advice.

Domestic violence phone calls to the police

Unfortunately, in these unprecedented times domestic violence is on the increase. I will never make excuses for this behavior but families living in each other’s pockets (close proximity increasing the chances of falling out and arguing) increase the likelihood of domestic violence.

Some people may have been in a domestic violence relationship with their partner or child pre lockdown. This may be exacerbated by the current coronavirus lockdown, however if you feel at risk of harm or danger please continue to read.

Important to remember

Callers must call 999 and if too nervous or scared to talk as the perpetrator may hear, stay on the line and listen to the instruction to press the numbers 55. This tells the police force you are still on the line. You can also cough or tap the phone to indicate you are still there.

See the attached document for full details and remember men can also be victims of domestic violence and can use the same service.


heartPlay with your children. Make memories. heart

Bereavement support ideas

 Tips for well- being from the government and educational professionals have been to set up a daily routine as a family so you have a clear plan/ routine. It will be so much easier to start now than in a few weeks when children and adults start to get demotivated.


  1. Plan a family routine together – Try to wake up the same time (see my child’s hand drawn timetable uploaded) or if you have access to a printer download a colourful one.
  2. Get washed and dressed as a per normal school day – this helps you to feel good
  3. Pick a piece of English and Maths work for the day led by emails from your class teacher
  4. Factor in lunch break and snack times
  5. Where possible movement breaks around the house and in the garden or outside providing you are NOT in contact with other families (2 metres apart in passing on a walk). Exercise is so important to produce our feel good hormones dopamine and serotonin. Exercising helps to keep these levels up making us feel happy and good about ourselves.

We will enjoy seeing your work and activities on ‘Twitter’ as well as posting our activities with our children too. We can and will get through this difficult time, spread the positivity and enjoy time with your loved ones at home.

The Learning Mentor Team have our own email address should you need our support –


Useful Information


Useful numbers and contacts for parents and children

For adults of our Templar's children, see the link from NHS 'Every mind matters - your mind plan'. A few questions to give you specific help for your mood and stress levels. It takes minutes. Being kind to yourself, allows you to parent more calmly and confidently.

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