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Welcome to Year 6

The Spring term is a busy time in Year 6 as we hit the ground running before SATs in May. However, this doesn’t mean we can stop having fun!

This term we are studying ‘British Legends: Making a difference’. Starting in 1819, we will look at how the UK has changed over time through the lens of different ‘British Legends’. These include:

  • Studying the engineering feats of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and designing and building our own bridges
  • Appreciating how Ada Lovelace’s dreams of the first computer have been realised, and coding our own calculators like she did
  • Discovering Charles Dickens’ life and works through his famous novels: Great Expectations and Oliver Twist.
  • Mimicking the style of William Morris and evaluating our own nature-inspired prints
  • Investigating the work of Millicent Fawcett and the impact the Suffragists had on women’s equality
  • Learning about Ranulph Fiennes's adventures across the world and having a go at surviving like he has done in the past.
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SATs preparation

It’s getting to that time of year in Year 6… and we’re starting to prepare for SATs in May. Each Year 6 child has a homework pack this term, full of mini-tests to complete weekly.

Some parents have expressed concern that they are unsure how to support their child with their homework. Below are two knowledge organisers- one page documents which provide lots of the knowledge required to answer the more complex SATs questions- for SPaG and Arithmetic. Hopefully you will find these helpful to support your child. Print them off and stick them on your fridge!

Year 6's survival day

Year 6's survival day 1

Year 6's trip to Blist Hill Victorian Village

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Autumn Term

In the Autumn term, we studied 'Blitz and Pieces', our unit on the Second World War. We investigated what life was like in the blitz, cooked wartime food and learned about evacuation. Some of our favourite activities included:

- Being evacuated on the Severn Valley Railway

- Reading 'Letters from Lighthouse' and writing diary entries from the perspective of the characters

- Eating food from the 1930s- including devilled eggs and sauerkraut- and cooking using wartime recipes

- Learning to swing dance and sing Vera Lynn songs in preparation for our VE day party

- Studying light in relation to blackouts

- Visiting the ruins of Coventry Cathedral which was bombed in November 1942

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Year 6’s trip to Coventry Cathedral

Year 6 had a great day at Coventry Cathedral on Wednesday. In the morning we sketched the ruins of the cathedral and after lunch we had a tour of the old and new cathedrals. We had a great time looking at a wartime classroom and kitchen, learning about the memorials and statues in the cathedral, and asking lots of questions about the Coventry blitz!

Year 6's trip to Severn Valley Railway!

On Friday 14th September, Year 6 had a fantastic time today getting evacuated! We went to Kidderminster train station where we were met by our billeting officer who took us on a steam engine to our evacuation point.

We took part in lots of exciting activities, such as making rag rugs, investigating different artefacts and going in an Anderson shelter. We also had great fun watching our teachers attempt to put out fires on bombed-out buildings!

We were evacuated on a Great Western steam train!It was the first time a lot of us had been on a steam train.We tried making rag rugs like 1940s families did to save fabric.The teachers tried to put out fires- they weren't very good!

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Don't forget your log in for Times Tables Rock Stars!

If you are in Miss Stuart's class, your username is your first name and your password is 'MissSmaths'.

If you are in Mr William's class, your username is your first name and your password is 'RockOnYear6'.

If you are in Miss Banbury's class, your username is the first three letters of your name and the first letter of your surname. Your password is '6maths'.

If you are in Mrs Rigley's, Miss Russell's or Mrs Abbott's class, your username is your first name and your password is '6maths'.

Forest School Fun!

Year 6 were very lucky this half term to be able to use the Forest School one afternoon a week. Mrs Weller ran lots of sessions focused around our topic, Blitz and Pieces, including building our very own Anderson shelter in the woods!

We topped it all off with our very own campfire and toasted marshmallows together.

Session 2 in Forest school - Making dens

Our session in Forest school. Making sand bags for the Anderson Shelter.

Making sand bags to protect us while in our Anderson Shelter.

We ended our Forest School session with a camp fire and cooking

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