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Why is Art Important?

Famous Artists and their artwork

Wassily Kandinsky

Why not have a go at recreating one of the pieces of art by Kandinsky? Have you noticed they're all quite abstract but they do use lots of different shapes and colours! You could use paint, colouring pencils, chalks or even paper and make a collage!

Henri Matisse

Henri Mastisse created a range of paintings and pictures. Some were more abstract whilst some were of people, animals or objects. You could use paint, colour pens to draw your own painting like Matisse or even get old pieces of paper/magazines/newspapers and cut out shapes like the ones in the paintings!

Vincent VanGogh

Vincent VanGogh painted lots of 'still life' pictures, those of nature and landscape. One of his most famous painting is the one above called 'Starry night'. Have a go at creating your own Starry night painting!

Art in the news

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