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Maths Problem of the Day

Monday 13th July 2020

Maths problem of the day - Answers

Monday 13th July 

1) You need o fill up the watering can 5 times to make 500ml

2) A can of pop holds 10ml so 4 cans will hold 40ml

3) Jill takes 15ml of medicine in a day and 60ml of medicine in 4 days.


Tuesday 14th July 

Each side of the square measures 6cm. 4 sides of the square. 

4 x 6 = 24cm 

If it is 10 o'clock now, in 2 hours it will be 12 o'clock 


Wednesday 15th July 

Miss Ray's class has 23 children 

34 + 67 = 101

Jake shared 20 sweets with 5 people, they all had 4 sweets each 


Thursday's 16th July 

Jane will need 18 biscuits

Sam has 24 sparklers

The teacher will need 30 pencils 

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Over the next few weeks children may be spending an increasing amount of time online and it is therefore important that they know how to keep themselves safe online. To support this will be sharing a series of age appropriate worksheets for parents to complete with children at home -

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