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Learning in Nursery

 winkSeptember 2020 Welcomelaugh

 We are delighted to let you know that last week our Nursery doors opened to our new fabulous Nursery children. What an amazing week we all had! It is GREAT to be back! 

Check out our first Nursery newsletter, curriculum web sheets, and photos. 


Autumn 1 Week 1 Newsletter and information on our curriculum.

Look at our amazing Outdoor area!

Our bug hotel, cozy, warm and ready for up to six guests!

Water wall

Did your child talk about working in our Pizza shop today?

           Our Fabulous Bakery!



 The children are loving playing in the Bakery at the moment. The learning opportunities have been countless! We have even been baking our own cakes! 


The children have been counting the cakes, moving them as they count them. (1-12)

Problem solving,' If I buy four cakes and eat two how many do I have left?

'Should I use a big box or a small box for just two cakes?'

'Can you sort the six cookies onto two plates?'

'I have two cream cakes and 1 chocolate cake, how many do I have altogether?'

'The cakes are one pence each, how many do four cakes cost?'

Language and Communication

We are encouraging the children to use key vocabulary! We are bombarding the children  with language. We are encouraging them to use longer sentences!

cook, bake, time, recipe, oven, mix, stir, bowl, spoon, whisk, ingredients, baker.Customer

'Hello, how can i help you?'

' What would you like?'

'Please can I have....... 

Personal and Social skills

 We have done lots of work on 'Caring is sharing!' Thank you for writing on the sharing scales. Please see our Rainbow Fish display.  We are encouraging our children to share the cakes and all of the resources in there. 

Expressive Arts

The children have enjoyed pretending to be adults shopping!

We have been singing,' Five currant buns in a bakers shop'. ( we keep changing the words,,'Five cream cakes in a bakers shop, chocolate cookies too!'

The children have enjoyed designing and painting their own cakes, we have had Lego cakes, dinosaur cakes and even an Elsa cake.





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