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On this page you can find out what we have been learning about in Nursery and how you can help at home. 


During the first few weeks we are reminding children of rules and settling children back in after the Christmas holidays.

As we progress into the term children will become more confident and we will learn about what interests them such as babies and growing, doctors or dinosaurs.


During our continuous provision when a new interest is observed through the children’s learning we plan a range of experiences based on the interest. For example lots of children are observed role playing dinosaurs or using small dinosaurs in water tray. The teachers then look at the needs of the children and use the different areas and resource to the children’s interests e.g. dinosaurs– drawing around dinosaur stencils (physical), researching dinosaurs (Literacy and Understanding of the World) , using dinosaur figures to count and add (Mathematical Development), sorting dinosaurs and discussing similarities and differences (Communication and Language and Understanding of the World) Create our own dinosaur using paints or ‘junk’ modelling. (Expressive Arts and Design). As you can see to enhance their interest in learning helps the children learn through all areas of development.


It makes learning fun and enjoyable for children.



Phonics-The children will be developing their listening skills to support later teaching of phonemes and graphemes by going on listening walks and by playing a range of listening games. 






Maths-The children are learning how to count accurately. So as they count they move or touch one object at a time. they are also learning what each number looks like so they can match the correct amount of objects to the correct number. 





How you can help at home-

Maths-Count everything! Steps you walk up, haw many steps do you take when walking to car, how many plates you need at dinner time etc. Point to different numbers when out and and about- on the bus, signs, car registration plates, door numbers etc. 

Phonics-To support your child's phonic development sing the alphabet and other nursery rhymes, read a story before bed every night (even if it the same stories over and over!) Play I- spy but change by saying I spy with my little eye something that is red or something that moves. 

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