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Knowledge organisers help you to know things. They show you the key vocabulary and key knowledge for each subject. You will know all of this content by the END of a term or year but you might not know it all yet. Click  below to take you to your year groups knowledge organisers and check what you know already. This will help you with your home learning too. 

Theme - Infinity and Beyond

The planner below has some activities to choose from. You can decide how to present them and which ones to do. There is enough work here for two weeks. Complete them on Seesaw or do the work in your home learning book, take photos and upload on Seesaw. Use the links and knowledge organisers to help you. 


The link below will take you to the Knowledge Organisers for this theme. They have all the key knowledge we would like you to learn and remember by the end of term

Home Learning Summer - La La La America

Click on the images to visit Our Virtual Classrooms below for Meditation, French, Computing & P.E.





While you are at home, having fun, keeping active and mindfulness are really important. Try one of Miss McLean's brain breaks when you feel you need to.

Computing activities to choose from...

PE - It is very important to exercise every day for both our bodies and minds. Here is Day 1's PE lesson

Click here for days 2,3,4 and 5. You can repeat in the second week and maybe try a harder level.

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