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Uniform Guidelines 2018

Our children are proud to wear school uniform which gives them a sense of identity and pride in belonging to Templars Primary School. Staff are also expected to dress in a professional and appropriate manner and guidelines for the staff dress code is given to all staff annually.


Our uniform is simple and practical and the basic uniform is available at most chain stores. Uniform is purchased from Brigade Clothing, there is a link to the web page below. 


We are sometimes able to support families who are experiencing financial hardship with the supply of school uniform and with the purchase of school shoes using the Boot Fund. In this situation parents/carers need to speak to the school office in confidence and we will do all we can to help. The Friends of Templars School also maintain a supply of good condition used school uniform which can be purchased at reasonable cost at key school events and at certain times of the year. Details are sent out on the regular newsletter.


The pupils of Templars Primary School are expected to wear:

  • Grey or Black trousers, skirts, pinafore dresses
  • White or blue polo shirts or plain white shirts/blouses
  • Plain royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with or without school logo*
  • Plain, flat, black shoes or trainers (not boots.)

In the summer girls may wear blue checked or striped dresses.

When the weather is bad children can walk to school in any suitable waterproof footwear (including wellies) and then change into their shoes at school.


P.E. Kit

PE kit is a plain white T shirt and black shorts and trainers. We will be buying Team Templars T shirts for children to wear when they are representing the school at sports events.



Children in Key Stage 2 go swimming for one term each year. Information about what they need for swimming lessons will be given to you by the class teacher.



Jewellery must not be worn to school. Children who can tell the time may wear a wristwatch. Children with pierced ears may wear simple studs, but in order to comply with health and safety guidance, these will need to be removed during PE lessons.



Hair can be short, long or in between, but long hair must be tied back. Extreme hairstyles are good fun for the holidays but not in school and so we do not want to see extreme hairstyles such as unnatural colour or shaved designs cut into the hair.

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