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Mission, Vision and Values


Our vision 

Templars, a place where everyone belongs. A place where everyone is proud to belong. A school where everyone is welcomed, feels safe and strives to achieve their full potential.

Our mission

Every child, Every day, Every chance.     

Our values 

Care, Respect and Honesty.

 We want our children to think, to question, and to wonder

We provide a curriculum both within and beyond the classroom that has been especially created for our own children. It is relevant, progressive, cohesive and exciting.

We support this by providing a rich variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities, which provide both breadth of experience and opportunities for personal/social development.

Our staff plan learning with care and precision. They have the highest aspirations for pupils and children are encouraged to work to the fullest extent of their capabilities in all aspects of the enriched curriculum.


We want our children to embrace diversity

We  promote equal opportunities for all children – everyone belongs at Templars.

We achieve this by valuing difference. We recognise each child as an individual enabling them to develop personal, spiritual and moral values, an understanding of different beliefs, a tolerance for others and their ways of life.


We want our children to be kind, fair and brave

We encourage self-discipline, self-esteem and self-motivation so that our pupils can grow to become valuable members of society.

An important emphasis is placed upon the child’s personal development and developing a love of learning. High expectations of behaviour, manners and respect are the foundation of our relentless routines.


We want our children to be healthy, happy and safe at school

We provide a safe, warm and friendly atmosphere for all who learn and work within.

We work to provide an environment both inside and out of the classroom in which children and adults feel both safe, secure and happy, enabling them to develop effectively and reach their potential. In support of this the school and its governors are strongly committed to ensuring the physical and mental health of all pupils and staff and will encourage all to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Templars’ No-Outsiders Statement

We want Templars to be a place where everyone feels safe. We want to celebrate that everyone is different, and show that everyone is welcome. We want everyone to know what we think about bullying:


No-one should be made to feel like an outsider because of their race, colour, gender or ability


No-one should be made to feel like an outsider by name-calling


No-one should be made to feel like an outsider by physical bullying


No-one should be made to feel like an outsider in any way at all


It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that there are no outsiders at Templars.


‘If there is a problem, we share it’


Templars’ Anti-Bullying Team 2020

Templars’ Restorative Approach to Behaviour 


We are teachers.

We teach children knowledge; maths, writing, the arts, humanities and sports.

We teach children how to be; caring, honest and respectful to themselves and others.

                              Children are learners.                                          

When children are learning we guide, coach, support, acknowledge and praise. We may intervene to support them when they are making mistakes. We celebrate the courage to give something a go, get it wrong, keep trying and trusting the adults to help.

Children learn by watching people around them, by trying out patterns and experimenting with actions. It can be hard to learn appropriate behaviours for different contexts. Children will sometimes get it wrong and our support is there to give them the knowledge and skills to help to put it right.


So just like academic learning, we teach, give them the knowledge, model behaviour and allow them to practice. We guide, coach, support, acknowledge and praise.

We don’t punish.


When our children are finding their behaviour hard to manage, we concentrate on relationships and repair. We learn what it teaches us about how to behave more appropriately. We talk about the consequences and taking responsibility for our actions.

We have a relational, restorative approach.


Many children have a developing sense of self and a heightened response to threat or rejection because of their individual circumstances and situations. We concentrate on building relationships with and between children and staff and we use the high levels of attunement we have with our children to enable us to structure learning and experiences. We intervene to teach children skills which help to prevent and challenge harmful behaviours in a supportive and calm manner with a focus on the reparation of any harm caused.


We support the children to take responsibility for their own actions. We acknowledge the conditions, the emotions and any contributing factors through discussion and then establish that ultimately our behaviour and our actions are our own responsibility.


Therefore, it is an individual’s responsibility to repair the harm and restore the relationship. Children are coached, guided and supported in this and it is made very clear where the responsibility lies - with them. (Not the teacher, not the lesson plan, not the adversary.)


There is a consistent approach to this. We do not tolerate harmful behaviours and attitudes; we support with unconditional regard for all children (people), their stage of learning and emotional maturity. Each time harm has been caused, discussion is facilitated sensitively and with understanding but without judgement. It is responsive and all involved are given the space and time to become regulated enough for it to happen successfully.

  • This is difficult, time consuming, emotionally challenging and exhausting.
  • It is worthwhile, creates trusting relationships, makes for a safe, affirming and kind space for children and adults.
  • It supports positive mental health and ensures that every person feels of value.

And it works! Our community is empathic, self-aware and celebrates each individual as we all learn from our experiences.

Please see related behaviour policy and documents.

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