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At Templars we offer all pupils a rich and ambitious linguistic and cultural experience to enable them to make substantial progress over four years in French. We provide a balanced curriculum which allows them to attain receptive and productive skills. It is designed to develop pupils’ knowledge of phonology, syntax, grammar and vocabulary (in familiar and routine topics), giving them the tools to understand and communicate basic ideas, facts and opinions.

Opportunities for raising pupils’ cultural awareness are embedded in careful planning which is tailored to engage and motivate with a range of activities in order to meet different learning styles and abilities. We seize every opportunity to make references to own cultures and experiences to promote empathy and tolerance. We believe this will contribute to building social cohesion and ensure that community languages, spoken by many children within our school, are valued and recognised, and the children who speak them feel empowered.

At the end of KS2, children should have acquired solid foundations, multiple skills and a taste for learning further foreign languages when transitioning to KS3, all of which will enhance their cultural capital and improve their chances to succeed in life. Secure foreign language skills will ultimately broaden the array of courses accessible by them and equip them with essential skills employers will look for. 

Who teaches MFL?

Our language specialist, Mrs. V Parrott, teaches all French lessons. She is French national, native speaker and a permanent part-time teacher at Templars. She is an active member of the Coventry MFL hub, a group of primary and secondary teachers striving to raise the profile of MFL in the city and improve the provision of MFL throughout the city. 

Who is learning and when?

French is firmly embedded in the school timetable. Every child in KS2 classes receives a forty-five minutes to one-hour lesson per week all year round. (A proportion of children may occasionally miss lessons to free time for specific interventions). 


Véronique Parrott (MFL Specialist teacher and coordinator)

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