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Year 1 Home Learning


RSPB Lucky duck story to share

Continuous Cursive Handwriting Mat

Summer Term: Week 1
Maths problem of the day

Monday 13th July 2020

Maths problem of the day - Answers

Monday 13th July 

16 buttons shared between 4 coats = 4 buttons on each coat

1 car has 4 wheels so 3 cars will have 12 wheels altogether


Tuesday 14th July 

Tanya shares 12 cakes with her 3 friends, they all have 4 cakes each

Mr Brown buys 2 packs of apples, each pack has 4 apples. Mr Brown buys 8 apples


Wednesday 15th July 

Ella's rabbits each have 5 carrots to eat. 

Bella bought 10 pencils altogether


Thursday 16th July 

28 children in a class and half go to the library, how many go to the library? 14

12 paint brushes and I give half away. I have 6 left

20 sweets in a packet, there are 10 sweets in half a packet


Week 1 Home Learning Timetable

Maths challenge - Hide a pack of cards around the house, as your child finds them again, get them to sort them into odd and even.

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