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Maths - Investigating Equal and Unequal parts

Pond Dipping and Planting Bulbs

DT - Learning to sew and making finger puppets

Maths Games - Multiplication, Division and Statistics

Art - Investigating different mediums

Making Castles and drawbridges!

Teamwork in PE

2R's Christmas Party!

Santa Trail

Art - Collage

Science - Habitats

Maths - Money

Elf on the Shelf

D&T - The Great Fire of London Books with a lever or a slider

Boost Day

Maths - Barvember

Science - Observing plants grow in different conditions

Maths - Place Value

English - Gathering Vocabulary for Firework Poems

Drama - The Gunpowder Plot

Year 2 Spark Day - Fire, Fire!

Multiplication hunt in Forest School today.

Learning in 2FW

Learning to Learn Week: Maths - Time

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