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Home Learning

You will need to download the free Seesaw App. on a phone, tablet or computer. Your teacher will set your home learning on this app. every week and also if you have to work from home due to Covid19. If you haven’t got a phone, tablet or computer that you can work on, your parent/carer must let your teacher know.

Each week your teachers will send you:

  • One reading challenge to complete based on your reading book.
  • Some Spellings to learn which you will be tested on

You are also expected to do some:

  • Timetables RockStars practice. We want you to be as good as the children in the video below!
  • You can also use your ReadTheory logins from school to practice your reading – your teachers will be able to check and praise your efforts.

We also love to hear about anything else you are learning about or exciting things you are doing at home. You and your parents can use Seesaw to let us know. We never stop learning at Templars!

Year 6 Spellings

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Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Knowledge Organiser

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