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Forest School and Learning Beyond the Classroom


Templars Primary School has received national recognition for its commitment to taking learning beyond the classroom and has been awarded Gold LOtC Mark by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.

Mrs Weller, Teacher and Forest School Lead at Templars Primary School said “Being awarded the Gold LOtC Mark is an amazing achievement for all the staff and pupils here. Receiving this shows that the work we all put in to ensure all our pupils have access to vital opportunities to take lessons outside and beyond the classroom is crucial to their learning. We’re all absolutely thrilled to get the official recognition for all our efforts to ensure Every Child, Every Day has Every Chance to engage in our bespoke curriculum developed by our team and we look forward to continuing to embed LOtC within our curriculum in the future.

The LOtC Mark is awarded by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, the UK-wide charity that champions all learning that happens beyond the classroom. Their work supports educators, schools and organisations who are dedicated to ensuring more children and young people have opportunities for life- changing learning experiences beyond the classroom, whether these happen indoors or outdoors, close to home or far away. Providing students with more opportunities to access high quality learning beyond the classroom experiences can open their eyes to the world around them and allows them to develop into well- rounded citizens. The many benefits of LOtC are now well-evidenced and include improving academic attainment, physical health, emotional well-being, self-esteem, and resilience.

Dr Anne Hunt, Chief Executive of CLOtC said: “Learning outside the classroom has many proven educational benefits as well as providing some of the most memorable experiences in a child’s school life. Achieving the Gold LOtC Mark demonstrates that Templars Primary School is committed to developing and delivering genuinely valuable learning outside the classroom experiences for their children and young people and I congratulate them on achieving this award.”



Learning Beyond the Classroom and Forest School Sessions

2023 - 2024


Keep your eyes out on this page for the fun, excitement and learning at Templars this year. 

Our Year 6 pupils have had been using their skills outside to make a tree ladder, a stretcher to carry an injured casualty and cooked a vegetable stew over a camp fire. 

Take a look at the photo gallery.

Year 6 photo gallery

Our Year 2 went to Selly Manor Museum and learnt all about the Great Fire of London.

Year 2 visit to Selly Manor Museum

Our Year 6 pupils enjoying problem solving to create their own obstacle course.

Our Year 2 pupils have been leaning in Forest School

What have our Year 5 pupils been doing outside? 

Year 5 have linked their sessions to their topic about the Saxons and Vikings.

What will our Year 3 children get up to in Forest school?


Making 3D Pyramids

Look back at previous learning beyond the classroom and in forest school. 

Forest School 2022 - 2023 

Keep your eyes on this page for all the latest activities your children have been doing in our woodland area. 

What have the Year 6 been doing in Forest School?

It's Year 2's turn to enjoy forest school. Let's see what they have been doing?

Our Year 5 have had lots of enjoyment in their sessions. 

Look at all the amazing things Year 5 have done.

Now it's our Year 4's turn!

Look and see what we have been doing!

Let's have a look at what Year 3 have been doing in forest school?

Year 4 have linked their sessions to their theme - Egyptians

Year 1 have been having fun in Forest School.

Can you spot the ladybird hidden in its house?

Let's see what our children in Reception have been doing!

Can you spot the animal in its new home?

Welcome to our parent stay and play sessions in Forest School.

What have we been doing in our stay and play sessions?

Fun Activities!!!

Try the Nature Quiz 


Try the Woodland Trust Quiz - Tree identification in the Winter 


How to Identify Winter Trees - Quiz - Woodland Trust


What woodland animal would you be? 

Take the quiz and see!

What woodland creature are you? - CBeebies - BBC






Can you find all the words on the outdoor quiz?

Templars Forest School

2021 - 2022 


Year 1 - preparing food to cook over a fire

Year 2 preparing food to make 'fruity fruit compote' over a camp fire

Year 4's last session in forest school, learning how to make '4D stewy stew'

A very wet forest school session outside

Year 1: Using tools and observing closely at the animals in Forest school

Year 3: Using their knowledge of the Stone Age to make shelters sturdier with diagonal struts.

Templars Forest School

2021 - 2020 

Forest school session Autumn Term 1 and 2 - Parent letter

Forest school planning Autumn Term

Forest school sessions Gallery Autumn term 1

Templars Forest School

2020 - 2021

Forest school weekly planing overview for Y2, Y4 and Y6 for Autumn term 1

Come and see our gallery of images taken from the forest school sessions

Forest school dates for Autumn term 1 for Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6

Forest school dates AUTUMN TERM 2 Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6

Weekly planning overview for the sessions Y2, Y4, Y6

Forest school dates - Spring term Year 2, Year 4, Year 6

Week beginning 16th November - What have the children at Templars been doing in Forest school?

WB 23rd and 30th November 2020

Week Beginning 7th December 2020 - Final session cooking over a fire

Key worker groups 2021

WB 15th March 2021 - Pond investigation

3KG pond dipping 24/5/21

2R Using tools to cut a tree cookie

WB 29th March 2021 Final session for Year 6, Y4, Y2 in Forest school - Cooking a stew over a camp fire

Forest school weekly planner for years 1, 3, 5

3LG in their first forest school session - 19th April 2021

Last session, using tools to cut, peel and chop to cook over a fire with 1PC

Wednesday 19th May 2021: 1W first session in forest school

1W forest school sessions

3KG forest school sessions

5G forest school sessions

Forest school Planning ideas for Summer term 2 2021 - Year 1, 3, 5

Photo Gallery from Year 1, Year 3, Year 5

Mud kitchen for our forest school

The children were respecting their Forest School today and were doing a litter pick to support Anti-bullying week.

During Autumn Term 1 - Year 2 and Year 6 were the first to have their Forest School sessions.


Year 2 were challenged to make the tallest tower using sticks that were no longer than 30cm in length, build shelters using natural and man made materials, make dream catchers using willow and find objects of interest. 


Year 6 were challenged to find objects of interest and describe them using adjectives, find a tree of interest and give it a hug, make shelters and fill sand bags to help protect the Anderson shelter.


The last session ended in a camp fire where the children cooked marshmallows. Take a look at the year group page to see the photos from each of the sessions.   


Autumn Term 2 - Nursery and Year 1 are to have their Forest School sessions. Check the letter for the dates of the children and year group sessions. 


Keep looking to see what they get up to. smiley



Today the children in Miss Williams Forest School group did some amazing pictures of poppies for Rememberance Day.

Matching the colour to objects we could find.


Well the first session in Forest School with nursery was amazing. The children got into their waterproofs and wellingtons and we went on our first adventure into the woods. 

This week Year 1 have begun their Forest School sessions and what a fantastic time they had. 

1M had fun even in the rain. 

Nursery - Muddy Monday

This week the children in Nursery and Year 1 have been using sticks and leaves to make animal homes for snails, ladybirds, ants, wasps and spiders. We needed to make sure they were warm and dry and waterproof. 

In the dark, dark woods there were some stories. Good job we had some lights !!!

Forest school challenge today. Can we use materials to make an Inuit shelter to keep us dry and waterproof?

Forest School children learning how to use a bow saw.


This week we used a bow saw to make tree cookies

Forest School Club, making our own Stickman.

Year 4 enjoying Forest School this week making shelters

RS making shelters this week, what great team work they showed.

What amazing cooperation skills this week.

Having fun with our visitors in Forest School.

Parents joining the children in Forest school club.

Year 5 forest school session 1 - hunting for giant's toenails and creating our favourite book cover using the things we can find on the forest floor.

Making animal homes in forest school. I'm not sure who had more fun? The parents or the children!!!

Creating tree art in our forest school club.

Our children and parent forest school club.

Our last session in Forest School.

Welcome to another year of Forest School.

Today the year 6 children made dream catchers uisng willow. 

Year 3 making Stone age houses using wattle and daub.

Year 3 making Stone Age axes

Year 3 recioe for stone age stew

Our fourth session in Forest school. Year 6 linked their theme of WW2 to the learning outside.

Today was our first session in Forest school. We made Wattle and Daub houses.

This week the children in year 5 have been improving their school environment by planting trees.

Templars have got GOLD in the Woodland Trust Award.

This week Year 5 have made a Viking axe.

This week Year 5 made a Viking bow and arrow using willow.


Forest school sessions this term are with Year 1. So far this term, we have made animal homes, shelters and used a bow saw to cut wood to make tree mobiles. Look out for more exciting lessons. 

Year 1 - Willow weaving

Forest school this term is with the year 3 children. This week we have used a bow saw, loppers and a hand drill.

We found frogs and frog spawn in our school pond today!!!

WB 8th June 2020 - Bug Week in Mini School

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