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The Love of Reading

EXCITING NEWS: New reading bookshelves coming January 2024!


All children who have completed our Phonics programme will now have access to a bookshelf for their year group.  Each bookshelf contains a wide selection of books, covering fiction and non-fiction.  These are age-appropriate and have been chosen to offer children the chance to select from easy readers, whole series of books and more challenging reads. The children will be taught how to select appropriate books for their reading level and will be encouraged to read a range of books.  We are going to continually monitor and update the books on offer on our new bookshelves.  The children's engagement with reading and care with their books will dictate the investment for each year group - so make sure you bring your reading diary in every day and keep your bookshelf neat and tidy.  Happy Reading!



Strugging to find a book you love? Not sure what to read next?

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 2023


We had an amazing time celebrating World Book Day this year in school. Our theme for the day was 'Magical Doorways' where each classroom had a doorway appear over night.


See the book which each year group used for inspiration. Be sure to check out the picture below!


Nursery - Winnie the Pooh's 100 Acre Wood

Reception - The Three Little Pigs

Year 1 - Slinky Malinky - Opens the door

Year 2 - The Magical Faraway Tree

Year 3 - Alice in Wonderland - Falling down the Rabbit Hole

Year 4 - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - The Magical Wardrobe
Year 5 - The Nowhere Emporium - Exploring the Rooms of Wonder
Year 6 - Harry Potter - The Room of Requirement

Our staff and students had lots of fun this World Book Day from home and at school!



Still image for this video
CLUE 1- This person gets themselves in lots of trouble,
By moving around the and school loosing lots of their stuff,
Don’t be fooled by their double,
Are these clues good enough?

TREE FROG...who am I?

Still image for this video
Introducing.....TREE FROG!
This amphibian has a famous pet,
Can you work it out?
They haven't been discovered yet,
But often are on twitter and do lots of walking about!


Still image for this video
-Name is bananas
-Not a male!


Still image for this video
"Hello Templars do you know me?
I am a teacher who has been changed you see!
To guess me the colour is really very key
And so is an important's 'E'!"


Still image for this video
Clue: They like the colour green and might be missing their queen...


Still image for this video
They used to be known by another name,
That's also a place not too far,
Their love for books has stayed the same,
So do you know who they are?


Still image for this video
My name rhyme with the sea,
I teach the oldest year,
Can you guess me?
I bet you're already near!


Still image for this video
At school you might see me in offices or classes,
I am so good at looking I don't need any glasses,
I like phonics, get learning and reading,
You can also come to me if you're finger is bleeding!

What to read while I'm in Nursery

What will should I read while I am in Reception?

What should I read when I am in Year 1?


What should I read while I am in Year 2?

What to read in Year 3

What to read during Year 4

What should I read now that I am in Year 5?

What to read before you leave Year 6

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