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January 2022 Top Reads

Books to watch out for - January 2022

Author of the month December 2021!

Matt Haig


The new film 'A Boy Called Christmas' is coming to our screens this December! Why not settle down to read the book this is based on over the holidays!



Click here to watch an interview with Matt about A Boy Called Christmas!


What to read in December 2021?

Christmas books for the holidays!


Catch up with the lastest in Kevin the Carrot's latest adventure at your local Aldi! This year the story is based on a very famous story written by Charles Dickens called A Christmas Carol. Also, why not get ahead and read Matt Haig's new novel "A Boy Called Christmas" before it hits our screens as there is a new film adaptation coming to Netflix and Sky Cinema!


Christmas 2021 Children's Books I'm Most Excited About | Festive Favourites

In this #FestiveFavourites video, I'm sharing the children's book releases I am most excited about coming out this Christmas. Let me know in the comments bel...

Books to read in November 2021

October 2021 Books of The Month!

Author of the month September 2021....Paul O'Grady!

We know Paul O Grady from the television and his work with Battersea Cats &
Dogs home, but now he has turned his attention to books!

His new children's book is out on the 16th of September and is his first novel! This will be book number 1 of 3! How exciting!

Read an interview with Paul about the book below!

September 2021's New Releases

Here are some links to more books being released in September 2021!


The Book Trust



September 2021 Children's Books I'm Most Excited About | Coming Soon: E7

In these #ComingSoon videos, I'll be sharing the children's book releases I am most excited about every month. Let me know in the comments below which books ...

Author Of The Month.....August 2021!

Kate Pankhurst

Kate has written a wonderful book called 'Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World!'

Watch an interview with her below!


Fantastically Great Kids interview Kate Pankhurst

Watch Kate Pankhurst, the author and illustrator of the bestselling Fantastically Great Women books (and descendent of Emmeline Pankhurst!) answer questions ...

New releases July & August 2021

August 2021 Children's Books I'm Most Excited About | Coming Soon: E6

In these #ComingSoon videos, I'll be sharing the children's book releases I am most excited about every month. Let me know in the comments below which books ...

New releases June 2021!

Author of the month.....June 2021!

Meet Floella Benjamin! Some of your grown ups might remember her from the television when they were young. She has recently released a book all about her family and their heritage and her own as part of the Windrush generation. It is called 'Coming To England'. 

Read an interview with Floella about her book below!

World Book Day 2021 @ Templars - Thursday 4th March

Celebrate with us at home using the below activities on Seesaw!

WBD Zoom Live Assembly :


Record your own audiobook:


Download you £1 Book Token

Sneak Peak at 2021 £1 books!

World Book Day 2021

Our staff and students had lots of fun this World Book Day from home and at school!

Follow the link to find out more about this year's £1 books! Remember you can buy one of these books for free using your book token.


Download your token here:

Some supermarkets require a print out of this 



Still image for this video
CLUE 1- This person gets themselves in lots of trouble,
By moving around the and school loosing lots of their stuff,
Don’t be fooled by their double,
Are these clues good enough?

TREE FROG...who am I?

Still image for this video
Introducing.....TREE FROG!
This amphibian has a famous pet,
Can you work it out?
They haven't been discovered yet,
But often are on twitter and do lots of walking about!


Still image for this video
-Name is bananas
-Not a male!


Still image for this video
"Hello Templars do you know me?
I am a teacher who has been changed you see!
To guess me the colour is really very key
And so is an important's 'E'!"


Still image for this video
Clue: They like the colour green and might be missing their queen...


Still image for this video
They used to be known by another name,
That's also a place not too far,
Their love for books has stayed the same,
So do you know who they are?


Still image for this video
My name rhyme with the sea,
I teach the oldest year,
Can you guess me?
I bet you're already near!


Still image for this video
At school you might see me in offices or classes,
I am so good at looking I don't need any glasses,
I like phonics, get learning and reading,
You can also come to me if you're finger is bleeding!

Recent Releases...

See which books are coming out this month in our monthly top picks!

Author of the month....

March 2021

Humza Arshad

He is the author of "The Little Badman" books along with Henry White.  Read an interview with him here: You can watch a masterclass with the two authors here:

Author Of The Month....
February 2021

Laura Dockrill is an award-winning children’s author and illustrator whose books include Angry CookieBig BonesMy Mum’s Growing Down and the hugely popular five-book Darcy Burdock series. She has written a brand new play for children. 

Author Of The Month....

January 2021

Francesca Simon- Author of Horrid Henry & Two Terrible Vikings

Hot Topics...

Use books to explore topics that impact our lives today 

International Women's Day (8th March 2021)

International Women's Month is celebrated each year in March which is great because this month contains Mothers' Day too! There is a special day to celebrate equality and women's rights on the 8th March. What will you read to join in and celebrate too? Below of books from our topics in school that have a connection to women. Why not look into famous female scientists, explorers or even the Suffragettes!

Reads to return to school with...(March 2021)

LGTBQ+ History Month (February 2021)

We know that love is a powerful and wonderful thing. It is amazing to love and to be loved and this is something all of us at Templars know and celebrate. We are all unique and special. We can be whatever we want to be. We are a community where all are equal and we can all be ourselves. 

Black History Month (October 2020)

At Templars everybody is equal and we celebrate our differences every single day. However, October is a special month for many people within our community. Here are some diverse reading recommendations for us all to enjoy. 

Lots of free magazines for you to try!


Take a look at the list below and see if any of these magazines interest you.


- Lego Life magazine is delivered to your door free four times a year! Plus, you can download all of their previous magazines. Sign up here:


- Stories magazine introduces children to important news topics. It is free online here:


-The Pathmaker Club has free issues online every month, talking about different topics from Dogs to Dinosaurs to Food Security. Take a look here:


- The Phoenix Comic has lots of sci-fi comic strips to enjoy here:


- Whizz Pop Bang is a science magazine. There's a free issue to read here:


Useful Links

  • Swansea virtual library is a beautiful resource which has children’s books read by authors and celebrities like Michelle Obama

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What will should I read while I am in Reception?

What should I read when I am in Year 1?


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What to read before you leave Year 6

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