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A post from Miss McClean to help you with extra ideas for P.E

Challenges are online weekly that you can be involved in type in the links below.

Have fun and try something new. 

Just a little bit of fun, what banana best describes you in lockdown?


Morning all,

so after working from home yesterday and my daughter learning at home, we decided to be creative with chalks. Google some ideas, we had lots of fun and laughter. We have even ordered some more chalks for next week. Happy Wednesday hope you have a challenging day with work and fun in between.


Hi children,

If your feeling bored in between work, check out the following links for creative ideas:-


Art hub for kids - not only can you create doctors and nurses. Search on Youtube or hopefully Youtubekids for any character or object you would like to draw. It will improve children who have little confidence in drawing to another level. Have fun!


Simple puppets to make with children using a toilet roll. If you are little bit older make it for a younger sibling, cousin or friend to make their day.



Hi children,

I hope you are all well and getting back to home learning after a long sunny break over Easter.

I saved a few ideas of activities to do in between learning such as:- 

1.Painting rocks and hiding them with your grown ups in your local area.

2.Making 'Glup' from cornflour and water, you can add food colouring for a better look. 

3. With help and supervision make your family lunch or dinner (take a picture and upload to twitter).

4.When the rain stops create fun images using chalks and add yourself into the picture - see image.

5. Jigsaw competition against other family members how quickly can you complete compared to others?

6. Learn through movement - see image one person plays out a sequence for you to copy using coloured squares and vice versa

7. Hand print dough - as a family create a imprint all together paint then varnish to seal.

Take care from the Learning Mentor team xxx



Welcome back after a very sunny Easter break. We hope you are well and happy. The website has been updated with new and exciting activities for you to do. Also remember the Seesaw app. If you need help assessing work please let us know when your teacher or other adults call or via email. 


Don't need paint to paint! Water and sun. No mess but still creative! Also watch your creations evaporate!

A great children's book about the Coronavirus. Better still it's FREE for you to look at together with your children. Illustrated by Axel Scheffler who is best known for illustrating Julia Donaldson books 'The Gruffalo'.



Creative idea - using toilet rolls or some recycling bits, to create a box shape pencil pot.

Decorate it so it is personal to you and importantly have fun and post to 'Twitter'.



My family spent the whole day outside yesterday tidying and planting. As a family we were pleased what we had accomplished. We did not watch any news and felt very calm forgetting about Coronavirus please have days like this it is important for our mental health.

A note from my daughter before she went to bed, today was not expensive we just spent time together heart


What do you see on your daily walks? Here are some of my great finds from the past week.

A jar full of wishes for when we are back with friends and family, I thought it was a lovely idea!

Hi children,

I know many have shared contacts before school ended to communicate through this uncertain time. However, in these conversations it is NOT okay for people to be mean to others, or call names support available via childline

Stay safe and ask an adult if you are unsure or feel funny in your tummy or one of your EWS (early warning signs) happen about a matter.

Different EWS below:-

Be cyber safe from Miss Owen,Mrs Holloway and Mr Hurst (The Learning Mentor Team). Email us if you have a worry

How to make the squidgy/stress ball see below:-



My daughter struggled emotionally yesterday with not wanting to do her school work, so we took a break from work and made a squidgy ball or stress ball. It reset her negative thinking and made her laugh as we forced the white balloon inside the pink. Good luck crying+  balloon = smiley               

Creative paper plate ring toss and other activities to make.

I’m sure you have at home plastic bottles, tape, kitchen or toilet roll cardboard.

If you don’t have sand to fill the bottles and weigh them down, use rice or water.

Hi Children,

I hope you have had some quality time with your family during your time off. To keep you busy you could play games and enjoy creative activities. Check out mine as well as a hand massage activity for the parent to give to the child, then switch around. It may feel quite tickly, ask permission first.

Unfortunately the hand massage video is 1min 56 secs long and too big to upload. Find on 'Twitter' @templarsprimary sch


Many children have adapted well to the recent changes but some may still be worried and can't make sense of things, check out this website in the 'calm zone' for ways to calm and relax. Children can also call 08001111 with other worries.

Help can be found when you need it. You have a right to be safe. Remember to talk if something doesn't feel right. 

Childline - you can talk about anything. No problem is too big or small- 0800 1111

Email the Learning Mentors Mrs Holloway, Miss Owen or Mr Hurst -

If you are in immediate danger call the police or ambulance on 999

Welcome to our website!