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Colourful ice marbles are simple to make. Grab a balloon, fill with water and food colouring, put it outside over night to freeze and you have your own.

Can you make your own den? Miss Owen likes to read in hers. How creative can you get?


Creative idea - using toilet rolls or some recycling bits, to create a box shape pencil pot.

Decorate it so it is personal to you and importantly have fun and post to 'Twitter'.



How to make the squidgy/stress ball see below:-



My daughter struggled emotionally yesterday with not wanting to do her school work, so we took a break from work and made a squidgy ball or stress ball. It reset her negative thinking and made her laugh as we forced the white balloon inside the pink. Good luck crying+  balloon = smiley               

Creative paper plate ring toss and other activities to make.

I’m sure you have at home plastic bottles, tape, kitchen or toilet roll cardboard.

If you don’t have sand to fill the bottles and weigh them down, use rice or water.

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