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Mrs Gentry Recommends

I absolutely love reading and do so whenever I get a few spare minutes. I have always loved reading and have so many favourite books it would take forever to write about them. My favourite adult author is Peter James; I am the proud owner of every book he has ever written (including his one children’s novel) which amounts to 35 books and my aim is to eventually own them all in hardback. I have also had the pleasure of meeting him so now own three signed copies, he is definitely one of my heroes. I have chosen three of my favourite books for children and the first Peter James book that got me hooked.


Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

I have very fond memories of sharing this story not only with my own two children, but also with the children I used to look after both as a childminder and a nursery nurse. The family of bears in the story are all very tired, so they set off to bed. Unfortunately Mr Bear has a hard time getting to sleep and we follow him on his journey to try and get some rest. The noises in each place really add to the story and I can guarantee you will all be joining in with them. Will Mr Bear ever get to sleep? Well you will just have to read the book to find out.


The Folk of the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

This is another book that has really fond memories for me. I first enjoyed it when my parents used to read it to me before my bedtime. Then, once I was a mum I again got to enjoy the journeys through the magical lands with my own children. Last year, I had the pleasure of sharing it with my Year 2 class, they were mesmerized by the strange characters and the lands they visited. The stories are set around three children who move to the countryside with their mum and dad. One day they explore some nearby woods and discover a strange tree, with some even stranger occupants. At the top of the tree they discover different lands, some which are delightful and some believe me you wouldn’t want to visit. My favourite character in the book is probably Saucepan Man, who is very hard of hearing and often doesn’t hear properly. Though I also would love to take a ride on Moonface’s slippery slip.


Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman 10+

I discovered this story when my daughter brought it home from her school library to read. It is the first in a trilogy and I found the stories so captivating we rushed straight out and brought the other two books in the series. We follow a 12 year old girl, called Lyra, who is an orphan. She spends her days playing with her best friend Roger. Mysteriously, children start to vanish, taken by The Gobblers. When her best friend is snatched, Lyra finds herself going on a perilous journey to try to save him. Will she discover the truth and the dust? Will she ever see Roger again? In fact will her life ever be the same again?




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