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Teaching RE at Templars Primary School


At Templars Primary School, our tailor- made RE curriculum has been written with belonging at its very core. Pupils learn what it means to be part of a diverse community, that our community is successful and has a wealth of different cultures, is unique and to be celebrated! The teaching of RE makes a distinctive contribution to a broad and balanced curriculum promoting the spiritual, moral, social, mental and physical development of our children and aims to develop understanding and tolerance within our wider community.  The RE curriculum opens a window of discovery on the world we live in and a  growing appreciation of how we are all different but equally unique and valued -  a window on religion and how we all follow the same values: respecting each other, listening to each other and valuing what each other says.

Cultural learning is very much embedded in each unit including a critical evaluation of how each of these cultures are similar and how each of them are different by allowing pupils to ask questions and formulate their own opinions.  Pupils are encouraged to research and understand how each religious book tells its own version as to what religion is and to ask questions in order to compare different faiths, identifying differences and similarities. Pupils are encouraged to ask how beliefs evolved and what it means to follow a religion. Teaching inspires pupils to both question their own understanding and set their own moral values and codes by which they choose to live by.


RE at Templars encourages the deepening of family values by learning about festivals. In each culture the children are encouraged to identify the way in which festivals are celebrated, how homes are prepared for the celebrations, the food that is made, the way in which the whole family take part in the excitement in order to appreciate how families, community and friends come together to enjoy these precious times. Another key focus is special places and buildings that both children and grownups go to when they want, or feel the need, to reflect over different moments in their lives or come together both in sadness and in happiness. Built into the curriculum is an exploration of worship around the world. Using virtual tours to examine the buildings and in some instances watching celebrations live, widens the children’s geographical lens and deepens their understanding and appreciation of the different cultures.

Trips, visits and artefacts enhance learning experiences but we are most proud to offer mediation and Yoga lessons too. Children learn to understand how breathing plays an important part in focusing their mind and to help with their personal inner growth, hand in hand with Yoga through which gentle body exercises help pupils to relax and stay healthy.


Above all, through RE, we are teaching respect and with a secure knowledge provided by our RE curriculum, pupils will develop skills and a unique personality that is tolerant and wholesome with an appreciation  of everyone within the world they live. We strive to contribute towards the fruitful development of every child, a young person that is a credit to the school and our wider community.


Neelam Sharma (RE Co-Ordinator)


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