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Autumn Term 1 Learning

Our Topic this term is called- Me and the big wide world!

Throughout this topic we will learn through various different themes, such as Ourselves, School and community, UK 4 countries, PANTS,  Autumn and Harvest. 

We will celebrate- Diwali (Hinduism-Mandir/Temple  Sikhism-Gurdwara) , Christmas, Bonfire, Hannukah (Jews-Synagogue).

We will read- We are wonders, Colour Monster, Mixed, Super Duper you, Stick Man, Here we are, The family Book, All are Welcome, My world your world, Christmas story.

These are topics we have planned already this term however we also plan through children's interests in our enhanced provision daily. For example if we notice lots of children pretending to be pirates after listening to a story about pirates we would then plan learning around this. 

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