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Why is Maths important? 


Maths is important because it provides you with vital life skills that we use it every day without realising! When cooking, you may not have enough ingredients so you might need to half a recipe. When shopping, you will use maths to work out the best bargains on offer to save you money. When we need to get somewhere, you might need to work out how far it is and estimate how long it will take to get there and then you will need to use your time-telling skills to get there on time. When you are an adult, you will need to work out how much money you can spend after paying your bills and putting some money into your savings. Computers might be able to do a lot of maths for us, but we need good maths skills in order to enter the right data and decide whether the answer seems about right. Maths helps you to solve problems, measure, recognise shapes and understand statistics as well as helping you understand subjects such as science, history, geography, music, PE and art.  

When do we use Maths?

Maths Ambassadors



At Templars, each class in KS2 has its own Maths Ambassador. Their role includes:

  • Planning and leading activities relating to maths
  • Creating competitions and sharing new ideas
  • Meeting the Maths Leaders each term as a group to represent their class
  • Celebrating individual achievements


Maths Matters - The Templars Maths Newsletter


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