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British Values

The British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect are deeply embedded in the EYFS curriculum and practice.



We encourage children to know that their views count and that their opinions are important for example we follow the children’s interests for topics and activities. We ask children to value each other’s views and beliefs and talk about their feelings, this is done through circle activities talking about likes and dislikes, knowing how and when to ask for help and from gathering children’s ideas around a theme. We actively teach the children to take turns, listen to others and to value and respect any contribution made by others. We create an environment where it is safe to make mistakes, share thoughts and ideas and to explore different options such as promoting forgiveness after an argument, opportunities to retry an activity and tolerance for different views.


Rule of law

In the Early Years Foundation Stage we use circle time to discuss the need for rules, what our school rules are and how we make sure that everyone is treated fairly. We make sure that all children can understand their own and other’s behaviours and feelings, along with consequences. The children are taught right from wrong, how to take turns, share and compromise.


Individual liberty

Our children are taught how to develop a positive sense of themselves. We provide opportunities for the children to develop their self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities, this is done by sharing achievements and successes that are relevant to the individual child. Our curriculum allows us to plan activities that actively challenge gender stereotypes, that allow all children to take risks, to challenge themselves, that give them chance to explore and discuss their own thoughts, feelings and ideas. We ask the children their opinions and encourage them to ask questions and we teach them to know that what they say will be respected and valued. The children are taught to reflect upon their similarities and differences and appreciate and respect that others may have different views.


Mutual respect

Our Early Years curriculum allows us to create an environment that promotes different faiths, cultures, views, and races. This is done by teaching the children about different faiths, cultures, traditions, families, communities, and ways of life. All children are encouraged to share their own way of life, by looking at the different celebrations that are important to our children and their families. We teach the children that there are many special days, festivals, types of family unit, different occupations and places around the world.

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