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Why is Computing Important?


Computing is an essential skill for life and enables you to participate more readily in a rapidly changing world. Using the internet and email for example, gives you rapid access to ideas and experiences from a range of people communities and cultures. It also helps show us how to be responsible digital citizens and keep safe when using communication devices and social networks. 

The 3 Big Ideas Of Computing At Templars.


1. Computer Science/Programming

Algorithms, coding, debugging, Logical reasoning, designing, variables, repetition etc.  


 2Information Technology/Data Handling

Common uses of technology KS1 • Networks KS2 • Internet KS2 • Web Searching KS2 


 3. Digital Citizenship- 

Use search technologies effectively • Select, use and combine a variety of software (including internet services) • Range of digital devices • Including collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting • Use technology safely – recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour – Know where to go for help if you are worried or upset & learning about being responsible digital citizens and keeping safe when using communication devices and social networks.



By the time you leave Templar's Primary School you will: 

  • Be responsible, confident and creative users of technology, who apply computational thinking beyond the Computing curriculum. 

  • Become digitally literate and active participants in a digital world. 

  • Know how to stay safe whilst using technology and on the internet, minimising risk to yourself and others. 

  • Understand and follow agreed E-Safety rules, and know who to contact if you have concerns, including the use of report buttons. 

  • Have repeated practical experience writing computer programs in order to solve problems, including logic & algorithms. 

  • Ask and answer questions through collection, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information. 

  • Understand how digital networks work & the services they provide. 

  • Use search options effectively; understanding the need to evaluate the relevance of content. 


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