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The Importance of Music 


Music is important for many reasons. It is a universal language that enables children to engage more fully with the world around them.  Their lives are surrounded by music – their computer games, favourite tv programmes and films, the car radio, ipods, even at the shops.  By developing an understanding of what they hear around them daily, they can develop their ability to reason their opinions about what they like and dislike and why. A musical education enables children to develop skills in many areas, not just music, which will help them to make better progress in other subjects. Music enhances language skills, creativity, reasoning, problem solving, dedication to high standards, co-ordination, confidence, discipline and team-work and this is why a rounded music education is so important.


The curriculum is tailored to the Templars Curriculum and matches the needs and interests of our children, whilst helping to develop wider outlook on the world and providing them with a window into the numerous opportunities available to them for the future.


Children at Templars develop a love of singing from EYFS and this continues to be developed throughout their time at the school. In Year 4, the children experience the wonders of Young Voices, joining 10,000 children from across the country performing at a large venue. We enjoy close partnerships with Coventry Music Hub and Armonico, providing numerous opportunities for the children to perform a wide range of musical genres, with world class musicians and in some of the countries best performance venues. 


All children will learn to play a variety of instruments during their time at Templars. In Key Stage 1 the children learn to play a variety of hand held percussion, Djembes and glockenspiels. Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to learn an instrument over an extended period during their music lessons. Year 3 are currently learning to play the Ocarina with a visiting specialist from Coventry Music Hub. Music lessons in Year 5 and 6 are learnt through the Record and Ukelele respectively. There are also visiting music teachers teaching violin, keyboard and guitar across KS2. If your child would like to take up lessons, please fill in the form below.


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