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How to help your child at home

Click here to be directed to the Templars year group curriculum pages.  Within each year group section will be the following Geography resources:


  • Wordle - picture of a globe made up of key geographical words for that year group) 
  • Maps - covers all the new places children will study that year in geography and also places they will have learned in previous years are colour coded red
  • Knowledge Organiser – a document for each term; autumn, spring and summer, that outlines what your child will learn in that topic.  The first page of each Knowledge Organiser describes key people, places, vocabulary and other information learnt.  The second page of the document is a visual representation of that topic. 


These resources have been tailor made to specifically support our children here at Templars.  We use them to learn in school but they can also be accessed from home so that you can discuss and share your child’s learning. 

Other ways you can help your child with Geography at home:


Find the geography in your home.  Create maps of your house from Lego/toys/materials you find outside such as leaves and sticks. 


Create a Lego map of a country or continent your child has learned about.



Where did the fruit and vegetables you eat come from?  Do they have the Fairtrade sticker?  Research Fairtrade and present a persuasive argument about why people should buy Fairtrade goods.


Explore the world using Google Earth – a fantastic (free!) online resource that allows you to view 3D representations of any place in the world.  As you are exploring discuss how places are different to where human features can or we live, e.g. what natural or human features can they see?  Would we see them in Tile Hill/Coventry?  (Mountains, hills, beach, skyscrapers, factories, shops, etc.)


Use Google Maps (or another navigation app) when making any journey with your child, such as to the park, shops or to visit a family member.  Can they navigate the journey?

Click here to view our Geography pupil page. 


There are many useful websites/resources listed (particularly the Geography Learning at Home section).  These can all be accessed from home and are fantastic tools to support your child’s learning of Geography.  There are also some Geography based book recommendations.  Reading is such a lovely way to learn about this subject and those listed really are fantastic!  



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