Templars Primary School

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Templars Primary School

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Mrs Biddell

Deputy Head

Mrs Benarous

Assistant Headteacher


Mrs Davies

Assistant Headteacher

Teaching and Learning

Mrs Dunkley

Assistant Headteacher


Miss Hall





Mrs Stephenson

Mr Starbuck

Mrs King

Mrs Davies and Mrs Tyrrell

Mr Brightside

Year 1Year 2

Miss Wass

Miss Pryor

Mrs Cole and Mrs Weller

Mrs Rubidge

Mrs Franckeiss/Miss Parsons

Mrs Croyden

Year 3Year 4

Miss Gray

 Miss Goode

Miss Smith

Miss Driscoll

Mrs Gentry

Miss Morgan

Year 5Year 6

Mrs Leigh

Miss Jolley

Miss Sharma

Mrs Dunkley and Miss Hall

Miss Stuart

Mr McLaren

 Intervention Teachers 

Mr Drozdek, Mrs Birtwistle, Mrs Aviss

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Abbot, Mrs Alizoti, Mrs Burgess, Mrs Collins, Mrs Hartley, Mrs Hedicker, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Macdonald, Mrs McDonald, Mrs Masters, Miss Nichols, Miss Oakley, Mrs Parkin, Mrs Rigley, Mrs Rowland,  Mr Shazad, Mrs Stables, Mrs Swords, Miss Thompson, Mrs Willett, Mrs Williams,

Miss Winterbourne, Mrs Yick

Learning Mentors

Mrs Holloway and Mrs Owen

Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs Ferguson (Business Manager) Mrs Herbert (Administrator) Mrs Morris (Administrator) Mrs Evans (Receptionist) 
Miss Stevens (Out of School Club Manager)
Mrs Rollings (Home/School Liaison) Mr Weller (Site Services Officer)

Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss Stevens, Mrs Probert, Mrs Masters, Mrs Dunn, Mrs Randle, Mrs Dimmock, Mrs Hill, Mrs Hiscox, Miss Lewis, Mrs McGlynn

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Poole (Catering Manager), Mrs Spooner, Mrs Whitehouse, Mrs Jones, Mrs Bibi, Miss Brown Miss Djakpa  Mrs Traynor

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Probert, Mrs Dimmock, Mrs Dalton, Mrs Harrison

Out of School Club

Miss Stevens (Manager)


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