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We hope that you like what you have found in your home learning packs and it will keep you busy this week. Remember that you can email us anytime on with any questions you might have or if you want to share with us anything that you have done at home. We are really looking forward to hearing from you!


A quick reminder that your  ReadTheory and TTRockStars logins are inside your home learning packs so let's see how many points you can get before we return to school.

Daily Maths Problem - Friday 27th March


Jane goes to the shop and she buys bread for £2, carrots for 50p and a packet of crisps for 70p, how much does she spend altogether? 

Challenge question: She pays with a £5 note, how much change does she get? 


Email your answers to

We will reveal the solution to the problem on Monday!


Yesterday's Solution:

I finished reading my book at 7 o'clock. I read for half an hour. What time did I start reading?


The Answer is: They started reading at 6:30

Well done to those children who sent in answers! 

Flashback 4 - Friday 27th March 



Yesterday's Solutions:


Week Beginning 30.3.20

FRENCH - it's time to be creative! Let's make a BATEAU MOUCHE ✂📏✏🖍⛴




Please follow the instructions below to set your child's individual Quizlet account. It will allow them to access interactive resources that I create for them and enable me to monitor their progress. Thank you for your support. (Please follow instructions carefully so I can easily identify your child) Thank you!

Click on the link below or copy and paste. 



The second your child wants to access Quizlet follow these instructions:




I hope you have fun with Quizlet!




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