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Hello Nursery, 

 Thank you for your amazing work last week! Are you ready for the last week in Nursery? 

We are really excited to share lots more fun activities with you this week! We are reading the story,Starting School.We are learning about rhyming words ,designing our own sand castles and even making sand using.....Cheerios!  and so much more!!! We would love you to have a go at some of them and then email us or use the BRILLIANT SEESAW and send us your fabulous pictures and work, or just let us know how you are getting on! We have video clips of all the learning this week on Seesaw every day! 

We would all like to say a big Thank you to all our FABULOUS parents for you continued support at this very difficult time.

 We wish our little super stars lots of luck in Reception!

Take care and have a wonderful Summer! Xxx 




Read read inc letters

Nursery Timetable Summer Term Week 1 27th April 2020

This week we have been learning how to write numbers!

Fabulous work, look at the Three Billy Goats bridges that you have made.

RSPB Lucky duck story to share

Sign into Seesaw and watch some learning video clips! If you have not got your child's code yet, remember to ask when we call this week!

Home Learning Project, if you have completed the Summer Week 1 27th April timetable!

Week 3 A Nursery Timetable full of fun activities

It's Science Week too, have a look and try a few!

Photographs and worksheets to support the activities......Get ready to have some fun!

Look at this amazing learning. Arabella's lego house, Betsy's fox, Savannah's bug hunt and Rivah's cosy bug house. Simply the best!

Weekly timetable, let's have some fun!

  Hello Nursery,

 Well done for completing lots of activities from the Week 1 timetable. Here's Week   2's Timetable. We all look forward to seeing how you get on. Keep in touch with us     on:



  Remember last week's mass Eye Spy game around the local areas?

 Did you find many rainbows?I saw  lots and lots!

 This week we are going to look for a Sunshine in everyone's window! Can you draw or  paint     a sunshine this week and put it in your window at home?

More brilliant activities you can do at home.

Look at these amazing activities and work. Why not have a go at some of them!

 Look at your fabulous work sent this week. Arief has been on a number hunt around the house and he has made a beautiful, bright sunshine! Ning has been drawing too, look at her wonderful sunshine picture. Sanjith has been drawing his house. 

George is spreading some sunshine in his window too!

 Remember to look at our school pond. We have a live webcam, it's so exciting!

 The ducks have arrived back on the pond. Mrs Weller will keep taking photos of them weekly   and add them to the website.


 Good morning,

 I hope you are enjoying the sunshine! I heard a really good idea yesterday.

 Lots of local areas, including, Tile Hill Eastern Green and Mount Nod are coming up with their own way to keep us busy and active.

 Let's spread some joy! Can you draw a picture of a rainbow this week and leave it in your window and start a mass Eye spy! When you go out for a walk have a look and see if you can spot any rainbows.



People are also putting bears in their windows so that children can go on a bear hunt!

What a great idea! Quick, go and get some crayons and draw the brightest rainbow ever! 

 Each week there will be a new picture and Eye spy to spot! 

 w/c 23rd March -rainbow

 w/c 30th March-sunshine

 w/c 6th April- Easter

Pictures of your amazing work!

 It looks like you have had a super busy day! Keep sending us your emails.

  Keep active, happy and safe! yeswink

 Good morning Nursery,


 I have been so impressed with your fantastic photographs this week! writing your names, drawing, going on listening walks, dressing up in the craziest outfits possible- great photo Rivah!


 Please keep sending them to the nursery email,

all the Nursery staff are really enjoying seeing your fantastic work.  


Fantastic work!

 Good Morning Nursery, 

 What another beautiful day! Today on the timetable it suggests that you go for a shape walk   outside!

 Don't forget your sunhat! cool

 Isla has been very busy walking through the woods this week and she's been writing her name too!  Lily has been very busy too, creating fairy flower gardens, making rainbow fish and even making her own pizza shop! 

Lily's Super Ideas!

 Busy, busy, busy!

 Wow! Nursery, we are so proud of your fabulous learning this week! You are all so clever!

 Arabella has been drawing chalk shapes on the floor and running to that shape when the name is called out, they have called it The shapeshifter! Myles and George have been super smart and can now ride their bikes.......WITHOUT stabilizers!!!!! yes that's right! Savannah has followed the salt dough recipe off the timetable and created some amazing models of Peppa pig and Minnie mouse. Lexi has been painting rainbows on her windows so that other children can see them on their daily walks. She also made a den and ate her lunch in it! Arief has been outside drawing circles with chalks! 

Amazing work Nursery, keep up the brilliant, fun activities! Thank you are doing a great job!laugh

Children's work and ideas.

Tyler's been busy painting! You you have a go at painting outside using water and glitter!

Isla's fab fruit salad!

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