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Mon 18th and Tues 19th Extreme Weather plan

Dear Parents, Carers and Staff, 

With the extreme weather conditions predicted for Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July, and concern for the welfare of both children and adults, I have decided to put the following measures in place:  

Optional Attendance: school will be open as normal, however should you choose for health and safety reasons to not send your child in, their overall attendance will not be affected. Please follow home learning guidance on the website.  

For those coming to school as normal:  Clothing – school uniform or PE kit to be worn, whichever is cooler. Measures we will be taking to maintain safe conditions: encouraging drinking throughout the day; cold lunch; no hall usage no PE; no swimming for Yr 6 due to walk; open windows; closed blinds; low electricity usage in classroom eg. lighting, boards. 

If you choose to keep your child at home due to the weather, it is imperative that you inform the school for safeguarding reasons - please help us with this. 

If further or alternative guidance is offered by the authorities, I will update you as timely as possible.  


Kind regards, 

Helen Benarous


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